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Ahahaha I feel like I kind of copped out because I’ve been getting asked for Potter!Punks for ages, and never really was able to draw something I was satisfied with and now these are only busts instead of full bodies. OOPS. Sorry. Maybe one day I’ll do full body images, because I have about a million more tattoo ideas.

#Harry Potter #Ron Weasley #Hermione Granger #Potter Punks #Okay because I know people will ask #but the description is already long: #Harry’s tattoos are #stag antlers on the sides of his head #a Japanese-style lion on his bicep #the sword of Gryffindor on his neck #FIERCE on his chest #Lilies on his arm #A star on his shoulder for each loved one he’s lost #and the Deathly Hallows symbol on his wrist #because it’s the same tattoo as me and I am trash #AS FOR RON #He has the weasley family clock on his bicep #it is also magical and works the same as his mom’s clock# MUM on his neck #BRAVE on his chest #and it’s not a tattoo but he has Scars on his arms from the brain tentacle things #I should have done way more for Hermione but lets pretend she’s just now getting into tattoos #She has STRENGTH on her chest #The Hogwarts motto across her throat #and ink and quill on her shoulder#my art #shut up cara #also I’ve started sketches of James Lily Sirius Remus Snape and Draco #ahahahahaaaaaaa




Toph Tuesday!


Toph is approved! Royal House Bei Fong, Lord of Melons, Ruler of Earth, Supreme Metalbender, Team Avatar, titles titles

"I have done what I have promised you, Gran pè, I have liberated Saint-Domingue. But at what cost? Do I make you proud? Or simply disappointed? I have been contacted by one of our own. A man named Connor. I understand that he has some experience with revolutions. I will meet with him. I will learn from him. And then I will come back for Dessalines.

Please forgive me.



Yaoi Hans

this site needs to be shut down immediately 



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Classic Hollywood Bloopers

And the greatest Hollywood blooper of all time:



imagine this hurtling towards you at 100 mph